The Strategic Planning Commission has been tasked to draft a proposed strategic plan which will be presented to Executive Staff, President Gunderson and, ultimately, the Board of Trustees in May 2017.  The first step in the process was to review the University’s current mission statement.  After careful consideration and thoughtful discussion, the Strategic Planning Commission collectively drafted the following mission statement. 

Our  mission statement  is based on who we are and what we do.  It is not to be confused with our vision or core values, which will be forthcoming.  For now, our focus is solely on the who and what.

Proposed Mission Statement:

To provide personal and accessible educational experiences that connect individuals in Park University’s inclusive learning communities around the world.

 As you reflect on the draft statement, please consider:

  1. Is there anything in this draft statement that you believe is inaccurate?
  2. Is there anything (who we are and what we do) that is not reflected in this draft statement?
  3. Does this statement separate Park from other institutions, or is it too generic?